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streetstyle winter

streetstyle winter

streetstyle winter

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Christmas is, without a doubt, my favourite time of the year. The same goes for its fashion – ah, the endless layering possibilities to keep you warm, don’t you just love it? Well, I do. That is, until the new year approaches and I am fully ready for spring – I mean, new year = new season, right? WRONG! Depending on where you live, but on my side of the pond it’s actually just the beginning of winter, which means another good 3 months to go until I can consider showing some skin in my cut-out boots.

If you’re also lacking any sort of inspiration when opening your closet (no, leggings and your man’s big jumper does not count as a hipster trendy cosy chic outfit) no worries – I come to the rescue with this winter street style mood board I put together on Pinterest. Although it pretty much reflects my style aka minimalistic, neutral hues, fuss-free chic with a hint of bad ass, I hope you can find some inspiration anyway.

I am talking chunky boots (I live in my Dr. Martens this season), boyfriend wool coats and cosy knitwear – and a midi skirt here and there (just scored a leather one on sale at Zara, whoop!) & good basic tees & long sleeves. These are my fashion staples this season. What are yours?

Happy new year!

xxx Greta

Il Natale e’, senza ombra di dubbio, il mio periodo dell’anno preferito. Lo stesso vale per la sua moda – ah, con le sue infinite possibilita’ di vestirsi a strati per stare al caldo…Adoro! Giusto fino all’arrivo del Capodanno quando sono già’ psicologicamente pronta per la primavera e le sue temperature miti. Nuovo anno = nuova stagione, giusto? NO! Siamo giusto all’inizio dell’inverno, quindi mi aspettano almeno 3 mesi prima di poter considerare di sfoggiare i miei stivaletti aperti senza calze.

Se anche voi state gia’ carendo ispirazione quando aprite l’armadio la mattina (e comunque i leggings con la felpa gigante del vostro uomo non rientra nella categoria outfit super hipster chic) non temete – arrivo in salvataggio con questo moodboard di immagini streetstyle invernali che ho preparato su Pinterest. Anche se rispecchia parecchio il mio stile minimal, con colori neutri, look semplici ma chic e con un tocco di “faccio brutto”, spero ci sia un po’ di ispirazione per tutte voi.

Sto parlando di stivaletti grossolani (vivo nelle mie Dr. Martens ultimamente), cappotti di lana oversize e maglioni comodi – magari qua e la’ una gonna midi (ne ho appena trovata una di pelle scontata da Zara, yeah!). Questi sono i miei capi essenziali di questa stagione. Quali sono i vostri?

Buon 2015!

xxx Greta

Greta’s Drawer x Beliya

Greta's Drawer x Beliya - Happiness ShopperMan, time flies – I am telling you. An amazing adventure in Sweden, got hitched in Italy and found my dream job in Germany and voila’ – we’re approaching the end of the year. And 6 months of no blogging. #oops!

So, back to business. Here’s something I have been waiting dying to show you since summer last year: the shopper I’ve designed with Beliya (remember the Beliya Blogger Contest?). Seconds after the postman showed up at my front door to deliver the very first sample, I jumped out of the door and shot a couple of images to get a better look and feel of the bag and I must say, I am quite satisfied with the result.

Greta's Drawer x Beliya - Happiness ShopperAbout the bag: with 100% freedom in terms of design and choice of material (pretty awesome, right?!) I have decided to revamp last year’s shopper Beliya launched and give it a bit of a twist – what felt more “me”: clean, minimalist design and dark shades – super versatile – whilst keeping the core factors of the brand, such as the recycled leather they work with and the position of the brand’s logo.

Now, about the outfit: this is pretty much my staple look this winter. Cosy knit, ripped black skinnies, Dr. Martens (obsessed!) and oversize grey coat – seriously, Ganni, thank you for designing the dopest, most confortable and super warm wool coat EVER! A fuss-free outfit that makes me feel polished at work and on my free time.

Greta's Drawer x Beliya - Happiness ShopperGreta's Drawer x Beliya - Happiness Shopper

Greta's Drawer x Beliya - Happiness Shopper


I’ve had so much fun working on this project and it is a dream come true, so thank you @ Beliya gals for the amazing opportunity!

The Happiness Shopper aka Greta’s Drawer x Beliya will be available very soon so stay tuned – we are still busy with the final adjustments – note: what you see now is a sample (too excited to wait, sorry!) but you’ll be able to see the end result any moment now, promise.

How are you liking the bag so far?

xxx Greta

Come vola il tempo – credetemi. Un’avventura fantastica in Svezia, matrimonio in Italia e l’inizio del lavoro dei miei sogni in Germania e voila’ – la fine dell’anno si avvicina. E passano cosi’ 6 mesi di silenzio sul blog. #oops!

Quindi, riprendiamo. Dall’estate dell’anno scorso non ci sto piu’ nella pelle: vi presento la borsa che ho creato per Beliya (vi ricordate il blogger contest?). Ci sono voluti solo pochi secondi per uscire a scattare un paio di immagini, dopo che il postino mi ha consegnato il campione della borsa – morivo dalla voglia di vedere come risaltasse in foto. Devo ammettere di essere parecchio soddisfatta del risultato.

Sulla borsa: avendo avuto 100% di liberta’ sul design e scelta dei materiali (figata, no?!) ho deciso di dare una “rinfrescata” alla shopper di Beliya dell’anno scorso, creandola un pochino piu’ mia: design minimalista ma d’effetto e colori scuri – super versatile – mantenendo gli aspetti chiave del marchio come, ad esempio, l’utilizzo di pelle riciclata e la posizione del logo.

Ora, per quanto riguarda l’outfit: cio’ che vedete e’ il mio look di battaglia di questo inverno. Maglione comodo, skinny jeans neri, Dr. Martens (ormai diventati una mia ossessione!) e cappotto grigio oversize – parliamone, Ganni: grazie per aver creato il cappotto di lana piu’ fico, piu’ comodo e super caldo! Insomma un outfit per nulla complicato che mi fa sentire in ordine al lavoro, e nel tempo libero.

Mi sono divertita cosi’ tanto a collaborare a questo progetto ed e’ davvero un sogno diventato realta’, quindi un grazie immenso al team Beliya per l’oppotunita’!

La Shopper Happiness aka Greta’s Drawer x Beliya sara’ disponibile molto presto – stiamo finalizzando gli ultimi dettagli prima del lancio – nota: la borsa che vedete e’ un campione, quindi potrebbero esserci delle piccole modifiche al prodotto finale – non riuscivo piu’ a non mostrarvela, sorry!

Cosa ne pensate della shopper?

xxx Greta

On the road: LÄTTA Schweden Rallye

Lätta Schweden Rallye - gretasdrawer“Do something adventurous today that the future self will thank you for” (cit.)

It doesn’t happen every day that you wake up and find out you won a super-duper adventurous trip, so you can imagine how freaking excited me and my blogger friend Sarah @ Erdbeerwald are – especially after acknoledging that we, together with 10 other pairs of besties, have been selected between over 2000 (pairs of) applicants! Whoa!

Our bags are almost packed and ready to take off to this incredible experience. Although the folks at Lätta love to keep this trip as much of a unexpected surprise as possible – read: we don’t have a clue what we are gonna do there – we do know we will be on the road in Sweden (through Stockolm, land of & Other Stories and TONS of interior design – know what I mean?) with a camper for 8 days. Every day we’ll have an adventurous challenge to win in order to bring home €10.000 with us – how awesome is that?

Rambo headband: check!
Comfy sneakers: check!
Roadtrip-inspired mixed tape: check!
Raybans: check! – I am a fashion blogger at the end of the day! ;-)

I guess I am ready to go! As finding a wifi spot will be the biggest challenge of this trip, a recap will be posted upon my return. In the meantime, follow the Lätta page on Facebook for a quick daily update.

#teamoldenburg – whohoooooo!

xxx Greta

[image courtesy of Lätta]

Beauty: spring favorites

Spring 14 beauty favorites

I admit it, I am no beauty guru but let’s face it: don’t we all care about prepping our skin and leave our house in the morning with a glowy face? Ok, perhaps this doesn’t count if you are 19 – in that case you may rock your smudged smokey eye from the previous night out, you in fact have a couple of years to not give a tiny donkey’s ass about your skin routine. Ha! If you are approaching the big three-o like me I am sure you are feeling me right now.

Having said written that, I do enjoy changing beauty products over season – I’ll go for a rather oily, rich moisturizer in winter while switching to a lighter, water-based face cream in the summer, or apply a BB cream/bronzer instead of foundation.

Here’s what I am totally digging lately (from far left):

1. LUSH Eau Roma Face Toner: my love for Lush products grows more and more ever since I tried their Ocean Sea Salt Scrub and this face toner is perfect to get your face refreshed and energised. It contains lavender and rose water so it smells SO good! It also lasts for quite a while as one or two sprays each morning will do. Price: starting at €6,50 depending on the size of the bottle.

2. KIKO Radiant Touch Creamy Stick Highlighter (100 Gold): being Italian I do have a slight obsession with Kiko – go figure! After what felt like a gazillion of tutorials on You Tube I have decided to give it a go and highlight/contour my face every now and then. This stick is really good for beginners like me and believe me, with its creamy and glowy texture you can’t do anything wrong really – blending works with the fingers as well. Price: €8,50.

3.  KIKO Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow (06 Golden Brown): lately I am very much into creamy eyeshadows – they’re fuss-free, easy to apply & blend and no need for retouching during the day. This shade literally goes with everything! Tip: use it as a base for a brown smokey eye or blend it with lighter shades of beige/nude. Price: €6,90.

4. ESSIE Nailpolish (Cocktail Bling): looks like it’s gonna be a very pastelly-blue summer and this shade looks amazing!! Price: depending on country, €7,95 in Germany.

5. Last but not least – DIOR Iconic Overcurl Mascara  (090 Black): THE mascara every beauty blogger is talking about unexpectedly reached my doorstep on my birthday. I mean, wowsa! Forget about the fact that it’s Dior, this mascara is magic – seriously the best one I have ever tried. It gives the lashes such a super long and curvy effect, they almost look fake – I. Kid. You. Not.
Price: €32,00 – hey, it’s Dior at the end of the day ;-)

What beauty products are you into this season?

xxx Greta

The Birkenstock dilemma

No, not that dilemma between Nelly & Kelly Rowland – we are talking fashion here, duh!

Isn’t it super fascinating to observe one’s style evolution? I remember how my parents forced me to wear Birkenstocks aka THE German sandals for not one, but THREE summers in a row while roadtripping around France – “they are the most comfortable sandals, you need to wear them for such a trip, darling..Who cares about how you look when you are on holiday anyway?!” – I mean, who does that to a thirteen year old??  That was just plain mean and it scarred me for life. One thing I did manage to avoid: wear Birkis with socks – probably my biggest fashion nightmare.

Funny enough, I am seriously considering investing on a pair for this summer. Quite some fashionistas have been rocking the Arizona sandals lately – greet my fellow fashion bloggers above Man Repeller, Camille Over The Rainbow & The Fashion Guitar, for instance – I am loving how edgy their outfits look with the Birkenstocks! Now, you know I am not that kinda gal who follows every single trend with her eyes shut, regardless of whether it suits her or not. I believe that, in this case, something really good could come out of it.

Comfort + black + chunky sandal? Sounds like the perfect combo to me!

You can’t blame it on ze Zermans I am hanging out with, they seem to seriously HATE their own Birkenstocks – so take this, common stereotypes!

So the dilemma is: to dare or not to dare? Help me decide by submitting a comment below!

xxx Greta

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Non trovate anche voi super interessante osservare l’evoluzione del vostro stile? Ricordo ancora quando i miei genitori mi forzarono ad indossare le Birkenstock aka i sandali tedeschi, non per una ma per TRE estati di seguito durante i nostri viaggi in macchina per la Francia – “sono i sandali piu’ comodi ed ideali per un viaggio del genere, tesoro…A nessuno importa come sei vestita quando si e’ in ferie!” – Ma dai, non si possono fare certe cose ad un’adolescente di tredici anni, suvvia! Una cosa pero’ sono riuscita ad evitare all’epoca: indossare quei sandali con i calzini – il mio incubo peggiore.

Manco farlo apposta, sto seriamente considerando di acquistarne un paio per questa estate. Molte donne super fashion le stanno gia’ indossando ultimamente – salutate le mie compagne blogger Man Repeller, Camille Over The Rainbow e The Fashion Guitar qui sopra, ad esempio – adoro come le Birkenstock rendono i loro outfit molto piu’ d’effetto! Ora, sapete benissimo che non sono la classica ragazza che indossa qualsiasi trend, indipendentemente dal fatto che mi stia bene o meno. Credo pero’ che, in questo caso, possa venirne fuori qualcosa di veramente fico.

Comfort + nero + sandali grossolani? A me sembra la combinazione perfetta!

Non potete dare la colpa ai tedeschi che conosco, qui odiano TUTTI le Birkenstock! Prenditi questo, stereotipo comune!

Quindi il dilemma e’: osare o non osare? Aiutatemi a decidere lasciando un commento qui sotto!

xxx Greta

Soap bottle DIY

DIY soap bottle (Lemonaid) DIY soap bottle (Lemonaid)If you are an interior junkie just like me with a slight Pinterest obsession, you have probably already seen this a bunch of times. Then again, since it is fun (and super quick!) I thought of sharing this little DIY project with you.

You see, I have a thing for bottles. If they are too cute I just can’t throw them away, so I end up stacking them in my tiny storage room and re-use them for whatever in my apartment – as straw holders, vases for freshly cut flowers..and liquid soap, as of now.

This DIY seriously couldn’t be any more simple: if you already have a liquid soap holder, just get rid of the upper part and twist it on your favorite bottle (tip: make sure that those two pieces fit together, if their size is different it might get tricky, in which case you’ll need to be a DIY-pro to fix that), fill the bottle with your favorite liquid soap up and voila’ – ready to revamp your kitchen or bathroom sink!

I love how small, budget friendly changes can upgrade your home in just a few easy steps – so no need for big refurbishments. ;-)

In my case, I used a bottle of Lemonaid that I took home with me after visiting their awesome office during the Blogger Sustainability Race in Hamburg a couple of months ago.

Are you also having fun DIYing your home? Share your projects by submitting a comment below, I am super curious!

xxx Greta

Se siete anche voi amanti di interior design con una (leggera) ossessione per Pinterest proprio come me, l’avrete gia’ visto e rivisto. Dato che pero’ e’ davvero carino (e super veloce da creare) ho pensato di condividere questo piccolo progetto DIY (fai da te) con voi.

Vedete, ho una fissa per le bottiglie. Se hanno una forma carina non riesco a buttarle via, quindi le conservo nel mio misero ripostiglio e le riutilizzo per qualsiasi cosa possibile in casa – come contenitori per cannucce, per fiori freschi..e per il sapone liquido, da oggi.

Questo Fai Da Te non potrebbe essere piu’ semplice: se avete gia’ un contenitore per sapone liquido, svitate la parte sopra ed avvitatela nella vostra bottiglietta preferita del momento (consiglio: assicuratevi che entrambe le parti abbiano lo stesso diametro, onde evitare lavoro ulteriore) e voila’!

Adoro come certi piccoli cambiamenti economici come questo possano davvero cambiare il look in una stanza – senza bisogno di ristrutturare casa da cima a fondo. ;-)

Nel mio caso ho usato una bottiglia di Lemonaid che ho portato a casa con me dopo aver partecipato all’evento Blogger Sustainability Race ad Amburgo un paio di mesi fa.

Anche voi vi divertite con progetti Fai Da Te per la casa? Condividete i vostri capolavori lasciando un commento qui sotto!

xxx Greta

MARRY ME. engagement shoot

MARRYME. gretasdrawer engagement shootSpring is in the air, on a warm sunny Saturday afternoon strolling in the heart of Bremen, Germany, with my gorgeous fiance’ by my side. What more can a girl ask for? Capturing the moment on camera by Anna & Andreas of MARRYME, obviously.

Not only are these two beyond talented, they are super fun to work with – the fact that they are so easy going and “got us” right away, made the photoshoot totally natural and we had such a blast. Now I just have to wait five more months to see what kind of amazingness they will come up with on our wedding *drool*

(click on the images for a better view)

[Wearing: COS statement necklace/ ZARA silky shirt/ MANGO skirt & boots/ CALZEDONIA tights/ MEZEREEM earrings/ NO NAME fedora; Nils wears: S. OLIVER shirt/ ZARA blazer/ PULL & BEAR waistcoat/ JACK & JONES jeans/ CONVERSE All Stars]

For the shoot we both wanted to look good and still feel like ourselves, without overdressing really. I am not a fan of brides looking like completely different women – we still want our future husband to recognise us and not thinking he is marrying some other chick, am I right ladies?

Check out Anna & Andreas’ blog for more photos and if you are also loving their work, make sure to like their Facebook page.

xxx Greta

(Images courtesy of MARRYME.)

La primavera e’ alle porte, un Sabato pomeriggio splendido passeggiando nel cuore di Brema, Germania, con il mio futuro marito al mio fianco. Cosa vuoi di piu’ dalla vita? Catturare questi momenti con la macchina fotografica di Anna & Andreas di MARRYME, naturalmente.

Non solo hanno un talento inesplicabile, ci si diverte un sacco con questi due – il fatto che sono cosi’ easy going e ci hanno capito al volo ha reso il servizio fotografico completamente naturale e siamo stati davvero bene. Ora devo “solo” attendere cinque mesi per vedere il capolavoro che faranno al giorno del nostro matrimonio *zero pazienza*

Per l’occasione volevamo entrambi essere vestiti bene ma sentendoci comunque noi stessi, senza strafare. Non so voi, ma io non sono una fan delle spose che si trasformano per il matrimonio – vogliamo che il nostro futuro marito ci riconosca e non pensi che stia sposando un’altra fanciulla, o mi sbaglio donne?

Date un’occhiata al blog di Anna & Andreas per vedere altre foto di questo photoshoot e se vi piace il loro stile, fate un Mi Piace sulla loro pagina Facebook.

[Indosso: collana COS/ blusa ZARA/ gonna & stivaletti MANGO/ collant CALZEDONIA/ orecchini MEZEREEM; Nils indossa: camicia S. OLIVER/ giacca ZARA/ gilet PULL & BEAR/ jeans JACK & JONES/ CONVERSE All Stars]

xxx Greta


[Click on images for a better view]

It seems as if in the last couple of years when it comes to New York Fashion Week for the Fall/Winter shows, fashionistas have to suck it up and freeze their teeny tiny bottoms in order to look F-to-the-ABULOUS.

While London Fashion Week kicked off last week-end, what better way to spend my afternoon off than browsing the net for the best NYFW street style photos? *major inspiration alert*

Although about 90% of these stunning gals are indeed freezing I love how, compared to last year, they are strutting with that I-don’t-give-a-ish-attitude and rocking the sneaker trend.

So for the love of fashion, here’s today’s lesson: every now and then, ditch your heels and let your kicks do the talking – no matter what kind of outfit you wanna wear.

You feel me girlfriend?

xxx Greta

[from top left, images via ELLE/ x 2/ Pinterest/ x 2/ ELLE/ Pinterest]

Sembra proprio che negli ultimi paio d’anni le fashionista di New York, per la settimana della moda Autunno/Inverno, siano costrette a congelarsi per essere impeccabili e super stilose come sempre.

Mentre la fashion week a Londra ha aperto le porte lo scorso weekend, quale modo migliore di passare il mio pomeriggio libero se non passare ore su internet a trovare le migliori immagini street style? *allarme mega ispirazione*

Anche se circa il 90% delle fanciulle che vedete qui sopra stanno letteralmente gelando, amo come – a differenza dello scorso anno – sfilano per strada con quel je-ne-sais-quoi dello sbattersi a mettere tacchi vertiginosi e sfoggiare il trend delle sneakers.

Quindi, lezione fashion del giorno: una volta ogni tanto, lasciate il tacco a casa e mirate alla comodita’ delle cosiddette  scarpe da tennis – indipendentemente dall’outfit che desiderate indossare.


xxx Greta

Mezereem ear party

Mezereem dainty earringsI LOVE discovering small independent labels, especially if combined with my dainty earrings obsession. That’s pretty much what I would describe as the perfect (mix &) match. After going for my fourth ear piercing a few months back the adventurous hunt for the cutest, tiniest earrings began and there, in a galEtsy far far away I found my treasure: MEZEREEM.

Designed and produced (handmade!) in the heart of Amsterdam by the lovely Daphne, the brand focuses on dainty jewelry with a unique attention for details – simply stunning and so versatile if you ask me. Since Etsy hasn’t come up with a purchase-every-single-item-of-this-store-button yet, I have opted for these triple silver ball studs & ear loops and I’ve been wearing them non-stop ever since. I love how the loops look like tiny piercings and no worries, they won’t come off that easily although they come without clip at the back.

The triple studs look darn good with basically anything else – in this case with a small crystal stud and an old & dusted eyebrow piercing:

Mezereem ear studsSpeaking of attention to details, how genius is the packaging? Let’s discuss. Reclycled carton case, washi tape AND neon strings? I am so hooked :-)

Mezereem earrings Mezereem dainty earrings Mezereem earringsMezereem is available online, on Etsy & Dawanda. Follow Daphne’s amazing work on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter @mezereem and join the ear party!

xxx Greta

AMO scoprire piccoli marchi indipendenti, soprattutto se si tratta della mia ossessione per gli orecchini in mini dimensioni. Dopo essermi decisa di fare il quarto buco all’orecchio qualche mese fa, seguita da un’avventurosa ricerca online ho trovato il mio tesoro su Etsy: MEZEREEM.

Queste meraviglie che vedete al mio orecchio sono lavorate rigorosamente a mano nel cuore di Amsterdam dalla cara Daphne, la quale si specializza in gioielli fini, delicati con una cura particolare del dettaglio – che il rende stupendi e super versatili secondo me. Dato che Etsy non ha ancora inventato il pulsante “acquista l’intero negozio”, ho optato per queste mini palline triple e semicerchi aperti in argento e devo ammettere che non ho mai smesso di indossarli. Adoro l’effetto piercing dei semicerchi e non vi preoccupate, non li perdete facilmente anche se non hanno la farfallina dietro.

A proposito di cura nel dettaglio, avete visto la confezione? Parliamone: custodia in cartone riciclato, washi tape + filo neon? #novabbeciao :-)

Mezereem e’ disponibile online, su Etsy e Dawanda. Seguite il capolavori di Daphne su Instagram, Facebook e Twitter @mezereem e buon shopping!

xxx Greta


WINTER ESSENTIALS WINTER ESSENTIALSTotally unaware, I woke up this morning in Siberia. Or so I thought, seeing about 10cm of snow outside my window and a perceived temperature of -15°C.  “What the *beeeeeeeeep* am I gonna wear today?!” was the first question that naturally popped into my head, before being awake enough to decide how to even spend the day to begin with. I took a glimpse of my closet and that’s when it hit me: I’ve been wearing the same clothes on rotation this season! Call it safety net, personal style awareness or simply just lazyness, in the last couple of months I have been sticking to my trusted staple pieces and have played the mix & match game non-stop – which, to my eyes, totally works especially as the accessories (aka statement necklaces, ear parties, arm swag – you name it) do the trick by freshening up every look.

I have gathered them on a rack and decided to make it a concept called: my 10 winter essentials. Ha! It consists of:

#1: a warm knitted BEANIE – not only because it’s über trendy, it’s absolutely necessary to avoid a major forehead freeze [mine is from ZARA & in a lovely shade of burgundy].

#2: a SWEATSHIRT, great for layering and to keep the outfit casual – unless you wanna vamp it up with a great heel which I love.

#3: an oversized, fluffly BLACK KNIT – possibly the most versatile item of clothing I own, I love this one from MANGO with leather details on the stitching and buttonless. Tip: add a belt around your waist for a more flattering, chich take.


#4: a BRETON TOP – preferrably longsleeve. My obsession for breton stripes does not seem to disappear within the next couple of years so it’s gotta be on this list, duh! No need to mention how versatile stripes are but you should know that are timeless, so go ahead and wear them at any time of the year. So glad I got this breton COS top last year, it still looks impeccable.

#5: a PREPPY SHIRT – best if white with a cute print. Bought this one ages ago at ZARA with studs on the collar & a cute owls print and it is still one of my favorites. Tip: button it up, add a statement necklace or stack lots of dainty ones for the perfect look.

WINTER ESSENTIALS#6: BLACK SKINNY JEANS – because they slim anyone down and look amazing with eerm, e v e r y t h i n g !!!

#7: a SKATER MINI SKIRT – the same applies for a cute (preferrably black) mini skirt. Tip: try a scuba fabric like the one I got at ZARA & have fun mixing prints and textures.

#8: an OVERSIZED COAT – after my desperate search for THE perfect coat, I settled for this cutie at H&M with the right amount of fluffiness and a great fit.


#9: ANKLE BOOTS – I tend to stick to black when it comes to shoes as well for the fall/winter season and I can only recommend a cute pair of ankle booties (pointy, round, cowboy, biker..I could go on for hours) for the same versatility bla bla ;-)

#10: UGG BOOTS – I saved them for last because the fashionistas world splits into two when it comes to Uggs. Love them or hate them, I do love them because, let’s face it, they keep my feet SO WARM. They might not look oh-so-fabulous like a pair of Manolo’s but when it’s cold it’s cold for Mother Nature’s sake – am I right ladies?

Rather than style lazyness, this actually looks like a smart way of shopping to me – investing in a handfull of good quality basics and combining/layering them however one will please.

Can you relate to this concept? What would be your 10 winter wardrobe essentials? I am super curious to find out!

xxx Greta