Beauty: spring favorites

Spring 14 beauty favorites

I admit it, I am no beauty guru but let’s face it: don’t we all care about prepping our skin and leave our house in the morning with a glowy face? Ok, perhaps this doesn’t count if you are 19 – in that case you may rock your smudged smokey eye from the previous night out, you in fact have a couple of years to not give a tiny donkey’s ass about your skin routine. Ha! If you are approaching the big three-o like me I am sure you are feeling me right now.

Having said written that, I do enjoy changing beauty products over season – I’ll go for a rather oily, rich moisturizer in winter while switching to a lighter, water-based face cream in the summer, or apply a BB cream/bronzer instead of foundation.

Here’s what I am totally digging lately (from far left):

1. LUSH Eau Roma Face Toner: my love for Lush products grows more and more ever since I tried their Ocean Sea Salt Scrub and this face toner is perfect to get your face refreshed and energised. It contains lavender and rose water so it smells SO good! It also lasts for quite a while as one or two sprays each morning will do. Price: starting at €6,50 depending on the size of the bottle.

2. KIKO Radiant Touch Creamy Stick Highlighter (100 Gold): being Italian I do have a slight obsession with Kiko – go figure! After what felt like a gazillion of tutorials on You Tube I have decided to give it a go and highlight/contour my face every now and then. This stick is really good for beginners like me and believe me, with its creamy and glowy texture you can’t do anything wrong really – blending works with the fingers as well. Price: €8,50.

3.  KIKO Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow (06 Golden Brown): lately I am very much into creamy eyeshadows – they’re fuss-free, easy to apply & blend and no need for retouching during the day. This shade literally goes with everything! Tip: use it as a base for a brown smokey eye or blend it with lighter shades of beige/nude. Price: €6,90.

4. ESSIE Nailpolish (Cocktail Bling): looks like it’s gonna be a very pastelly-blue summer and this shade looks amazing!! Price: depending on country, €7,95 in Germany.

5. Last but not least – DIOR Iconic Overcurl Mascara  (090 Black): THE mascara every beauty blogger is talking about unexpectedly reached my doorstep on my birthday. I mean, wowsa! Forget about the fact that it’s Dior, this mascara is magic – seriously the best one I have ever tried. It gives the lashes such a super long and curvy effect, they almost look fake – I. Kid. You. Not.
Price: €32,00 – hey, it’s Dior at the end of the day ;-)

What beauty products are you into this season?

xxx Greta

Beauty: fall favorites

beauty fall favorites - gretasdrawer.comWith the cold wheather approaching sooner than we’d expect – don’t know about you guys, I am already looking forward to the Xmas season! – next to keeping my body warm with a cuppa tea and layering, I like to step it up a notch when it comes to beauty and give (especially my) skin a little bit of extra care.  Although I own a share of trusted products that I use all year round non-stop, when in the mood I like to switch things up a bit and try new beauty products out.

Eventually, I’ve managed to come down to my top 5 favorites for this fall. You are looking at:

1. LUSH Ocean Salt Facial Scrub: highly recommended by a friend of mine who worked at Lush, this scrub seriously does wonders! It smells divine – if you close your eyes you can actually hear the sound of ocean waves, true story – and leaves my skin ultra smooth, soft and gets rid of the occasional red pores. I would recommend to use it once a week to see its magic come alive.

2. AVENE Extremely Gentle Cleanser Lotion: a very recent discovery while looking for a new make-up remover that wouldn’t cost a fortune. I already knew that their handcreme is amazing so I thought of giving this a shot. I am 100% satisfied with it. Apply in the evening and in the morning with cotton pads for no oily T-zone. Price: about €13.00

3. ESSIE Nailpolish in Decadent Dish: no need to explain why I love Essie nailpolishes so much ;-) This dark brown shade with bronze shimmer is perfect for fall!

4. CARMEX Lip Balm (Cherry):  my favorite lip balm of all time – more like addicted to it – and this cherry flavor gives it a nice kick. Price: €2.00

5. MAYBELLINE Dream Matte Mousse Foundation: when I recently found out that my beloved Clarins foundation is no longer E V E R available I thought the world would end. After a couple of weeks of soul searching and beauty tutorials on youtube I can finally say that I have found the perfect rebound. This foundation has the softest mousse consistency and great coverage – tip: apply with your fingers instead of using a brush/sponge for a more natural look – does not leave any stains and keeps the skin matte throughout the day so no need to powder your nose with powder. What makes this foundation even better than the one from Clarins? Its price: about €7.00, a fifth (!!) of Clarins’. #enoughsaid

What beauty products would you recommend this season? Share your tips by leaving a comment below.

xxx Greta

Trend: white nails

Essie Marshmallow -

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you should know that the beauty trend of the season was black & white nail polish – Mr. Lagerfeld definitely set the record straight at the Chanel SS13 fashion show. Being a fan of black nails all year ’round, I was at first rather skeptical when it came to white nail polish – it somehow reminded me too much of tippex. That is, until I saw this lovely shade from Essie today called “Marshmallow” – I just had to give it a shot, even for just the name’s sake!

I must admit I kinda love it. Clean, sexy and this is shade is far away from tippex. Plus, it looks fab with my engagement ring – then again, what doesn’t? :-P I gave it 3 coatings though to really make the color come out as it looked too see-through after 2 coatings.  To top it off I used Essence Express Dry Drops – highly recommended from a dear friend of mine – and wowsa, this baby does wonders! Just apply one or two drops max on your nails, give it just a couple of seconds and voila’ – my nails were dry. What’s even more astonishing? It costs €1,95 here in Germany – wunderschön!

What’s your say on white nails?

xxx Greta

A meno che viviate in una caverna, dovreste sapere che il trend in quanto a beauty della stagione e’ lo smalto bianco e nero – il Sig. Lagerfeld ha messo le cose in chiaro durante la sfilata di Chanel PE13. Essendo gia’ da tempo fan dello smalto nero, sono sempre stata alquanto scettica per quanto riguarda le unghie bianche – mi hanno sempre ricordato il bianchetto che si usava a scuola. Fin quando ho visto questo colore di Essie, “Marshmallow”- ho deciso di provarlo, anche solo per il nome!

Devo ammettere che mi piace parecchio. Semplice, sexy e questo colore non  ha nulla a che fare con il bianchetto. In piu’ sta mooolto bene con il mio anello di fidanzamento :-P Ho dato 3 passate per rendere il colore piu’ vivo dato che con 2 passate mi sembrava ancora troppo trasparente per i miei gusti. Per concludere ho usato Express Dry Drops di Essence – super consigliato da una mia cara amica – e mio Dio, fa miracoli! Basta applicarne una, massimo due gocce e nel giro di pochi secondi, voila’ – le mie unghie erano asciutte. La cosa che mi sconvolge ancora di piu’? Qui in Germania costa €1,95 – wunderschön!

Voi cosa ne pensate delle unghie bianche?

xxx Greta

Beauty: my top 5

Beauty: top 5

Ready to order?

Here’s what’s on the menu today: my top 5 beauty products review. The ones I can’t live without, not only because they are my basic essentials – you know, if my apartment ever burns down, those are the beauty products I wouldn’t leave behind – but also because they are GOOD.

Make no mistake, I am no make-up or beauty expert. Although I do follow a couple of golden rules since my early teenage days – such as always remove my make-up before going to sleep and moisturize every morning & night – I enjoy trying new products every now and then (both super cheap and pricey) until I find something I absolutely love which will be purchased for..well, years.

So which ones am I sticking to lately?

1. Moisturizer: Hydra-Matte Lotion by Clarins Paris. I have been looking for the best daily cream for years and I believe this one comes pretty close to perfection. A slightly matte effect really helps my t-zone. Discovered: a couple of months ago. Price: around €30.

2. Foundation: Instant Smooth Foundation, also by Clarins Paris, in 03 Honey. Best foundation E V E R. It comes as a mousse, so light composition and super easy to apply – i use my fingers, no need to use a sponge or brush. Doesn’t leave any marks on your clothes and it lasts the whole day. I also adore it because it doesn’t give me this typical thick layer of foundation look.
Discovered: in 2008. Price: around €35 – I know, not the cheapest but a 30ml little jar usually won’t be empty in less than 6 months and I use it every day!

3. Eyeliner: Exaggerate Eye Liner by Rimmel London, in 001 Black. Love the shape of the pen, easy to apply and it lasts for the entire day. Totally recommend it. Discovered: about 12 years ago when I started using eye liners. Price: around €8.

4. Mascara: Colossal Volume Express by Maybelline New York, in Black. Über long and filled eye lashes are its key words and I like it. Works great on both upper and lower lashes. Long lasting but also rather easy to remove. Discovered: in 2012. Price: around €12.

5. Blush: Soft Touch Blush by Kiko Milano, in 108. The perfect peachy colour to brighten up those winter pale cheeks, yet again subtle.
Discovered: in 2010. Price: around €5.

Did you know any of these products before reading this post? What are your beauty essentials? I am super curious to find out and always eager to discover new products so please leave a comment below :)

xxx Greta

Pronte a ordinare?

Ecco cosa trovate nel menu di oggi: la recensione dei miei 5 cosmetici preferiti. Quelli di cui non posso vivere senza, non solo perche’ sono i miei 5 prodotti essenziali – del tipo, se il mio appartamento andasse in fiamme, questi sarebbero i cosmetici che porterei via con me – ma anche perche’ sono davvero di ottima qualita’.

Che sia chiaro, non sono un ‘esperta di trucco o bellezza. Nonostante seguo un paio di regole d’oro da quei giorni (ormai lontani) adolescenziali – come, ad esempio, struccarsi sempre prima di andare a letto e idratare la pelle del viso ogni mattina e sera – di tanto in tanto mi piace provare prodotti nuovi (sia super economici che cari) fin quando me ne innamoro di uno e finisco a comprarlo per..anni.

Quali sono quindi questi affidati cosmetici?

1. Crema idratante viso: Hydra-Matte Lotion di Clarins Paris. Ho passato anni alla ricerca della migliore crema viso e credo che questa sia molto vicina alla perfezione. Dando un effetto leggermente opaco sulla pelle aiuta molto la mia zona t. Scoperta: un paio di mesi fa. Prezzo: intorno ai €30.

2. Fondotinta: Instant Smooth Foundation, anche questo di Clarins Paris, colore 03 Honey. Miglior fondotinta in A S S O L U T O. E’ una mousse, quindi molto leggero e veramente facile da applicare – io uso addirittura le dita, non servono spugnette o pennelli. Non lascia macchie sui vestiti e dura tutto il giorno. Lo adoro inoltre perche’ non da’ l’effetto cerone, essendo quasi invisibile. Scoperto: nel 2008. Prezzo: intorno ai €35 – lo so, non molto economico ma una boccetta da 30ml mi dura per 6 mesi mettendolo tutti i giorni!

3. Eyeliner: Exaggerate Eye Liner di Rimmel London, colore 001 Nero. Amo la forma del pennello, facilissimo da applicare e dura tutto il giorno. Super mega consigliato. Scoperto: circa 12 anni fa quando iniziai a mettere l’eyeliner. Prezzo: intorno agli €8.

4. Mascara: Colossal Volume Express di Maybelline New York, colore Nero. Ciglia super lunghe e folte sono le parole chiave di questo mascara e la cosa mi piace molto. Funziona sia per le ciglia superiori che inferiori. Lunga durata ma allo stesso tempo facile da rimuovere. Scoperto: nel 2012. Prezzo: intorno ai €12.

5. Fard: Soft Touch Blush di Kiko Milano, colore 108. Il perfetto color pesca che illumina queste guance pallide in inverno. Scoperto: nel 2010. Prezzo: intorno ai €5.

Conoscevate alcuni di questi prodotti prima di leggere questo post? Quali sono i vostri cosmetici essenziali? Sono super curiosa di sapere le vostre opinioni e sempre alla ricerca di scoprire prodotti nuovi quindi lasciate un commento qui sotto :)

xxx Greta

New Year Style Resolutions


Happy new (belated) year lovelies! Is it just me or does it also feel like it’s gonna be a very good year? Well, at least we proved the Maya wrong – teeehee!

Besides the usual NY resolutions, which we all tend to forget after just a short while – don’t be shy, admit it, you do that too! – for the first time I have come up with NY style resolutions for this fabulous year.

More than anything I aim to buy less random/cheap clothes – boy, that was tough to type!! – and shop smartly which means:

#1 more versatile clothes which can be worn throughout the seasons

#2 better quality, even if that means buying less (hellooo COS & Acne!)

#3 finally invest in a leather mini skirt

#4 ditch my knee-length boots and welcome more biker/ankle boots

#5 trust in accessories to vamp my rather basic/minimal looks

#6 stick to preppy button-up shirts with collars & statement necklaces

#7 keep rocking ombre hair – just because I still love it too much!

I know I can be diligent when it comes to fashion so let the challenge begin!

What are your new year style resolutions? I am super curious to find out!

Stick around to see my style resolutions become reality :)

xxx Greta

Buon anno (seppur in ritardo) mie care! Sbaglio o anche voi sentite che questo sara’ un anno spettacolare? Bhe’ almeno i Maya hanno cannato alla grande – tie’!

Oltre ai soliti nuovi propositi di inizio anno che, diciamo la verita’, tendiamo tutti a dimenticarcene dopo solo qualche settimana – non siate timidi, so che lo fate anche voi! – per la prima volta mi sono imbattuta nei nuovi propositi in quanto a stile per questo anno fantastico.

Piu’ di ogni altra cosa vorrei comprare molto meno (aiuto!) e fare shopping in maniera intelligente, il che significa:

#1 piu’ capi versatili che possono essere sfrutatti in quasi tutte le stagioni

#2 migliore qualita’ anche se cio’ vuol dire comprare di meno (benvenuti nel mio armadio, COS e Acne!)

#3 investire in una minigonna di pelle – era ora!

#4 eliminare gli stivali fino alle ginocchia e accogliere piu’ biker/ankle boots a braccia aperte

#5 dare tanta fiducia agli accessori per sbalordire un look semplice/minimal

#6 mantenere il trend camicia abbottonata con colletti alla Peter Pan o collane d’effetto

#7 proseguire con la tendenza dei capelli shatush/ombre, semplicemente perche’ la amo sempre di piu’!

So di riuscire ad essere diligente quando si tratta di moda quindi che la sfida abbia inizio!

Quali sono i vostri nuovi propositi in quanto a stile? Sono super curiosa!

Tornate a trovarmi per vedere se sono riuscita a mantenere tutti questi propositi :-)

xxx Greta

Chanel loves Marilyn

Two timeless icons meet again after almost half a century.

Just a few weeks after making us girls (and boys!!) drool over our keyboards while watching Brad Pitt all grown up charmingly whispering to us, a couple of days ago Chanel published a second short movie homaging the one and only Marilyn Monroe. Through beautiful never-seen-before images, a mesmerising soundtrack and an even more stunning edit Chanel finally reveals the truth behind the rumor of Miss Monroe going to bed wearing only Chanel N.5.

I am hypnotised.

Do you also love this stunning homage or do you believe Chanel went too far?

Have a lovely start of the week!

x Greta

[Discover Chanel N.5 campaign:!/marilyn]

Due icone senza tempo si ritrovano dopo quasi meta’ secolo.

Solo qualche settimana dopo averci fatto sbavare sui nostri PC ammirando un Brad Pitt alquanto maturo (ma sempre super sexy) sussurarci dolci parole, qualche giorno fa Chanel ha pubblicato un secondo mini film omaggiando la diva n.1, Marilyn Monroe. Con immagini stupende e mai viste prima d’ora, una melodia in sottofondo travolgente e una regia ancora piu’ spettacolare, Chanel ci rivela finalmente la verita’ dietro al famosissimo spettegolezzo in cui Marilyn indossava solo Chanel N.5 a letto.

Sono ipnotizzata.

Adorate anche voi questo omaggio a Marilyn o credere che questa volta Chanel abbia esagerato?

Vi auguro un buon inizio settimana!

x Greta

[Scoprite la campagna di Chanel N.5:!/marilyn]

Moodboard: Ombre Hair

It all started when I thought Drew Barrymore accidentally dip dyed her hair while sleep-walking a couple of years ago. Who knew it would soon become my biggest hair obsession?! Let it be in the shades of brown, blonde, pink or multicolor, ombre hair is THE trend of the year and no one can deny it. As you’ve seen in my previous posts, I am rocking the look myself since last winter and I am not planning to change that any time soon. It’s just too pretty. I prefer the subtle, soft effect that these gorgeous actresses/models/fashion bloggers are sporting – take it from ombre hair Guru Miss Rachel Bilson, who’s been dip dyeing her hair since the good ol’ days of The O.C. – trend setter much?

What about you, love it or hate it?

Tutto ebbe inizio quando, vedendo Drew Barrymore sul red carpet un paio d’anni fa, pensai si fosse scolorita metà testa nel pieno del sonnambulismo. Chi mai avrebbe pensato che molto presto sarebbe diventata la mia piu’ grande ossessione?! Che sia una gradazione castana, bionda, rosa o multicolor, l’effetto capelli Shatush è LA tendenza dell’anno e nessuno puo’ negarlo. Come avete visto nei miei post precedenti, seguo anch’io questo look dall’inverno scorso e non ho nessuna intenzione di cambiarlo a breve. Personalmente preferisco lo stesso effetto soft di tutte queste stupende attrici/modelle/fashion bloggers – prendete esempio dalla Guru dei capelli Shatush, Rachel Bilson, che porta il look dai vecchi tempi di The O.C. – troppo avanti!

E voi che ne pensate? Amate o odiate questa tendenza?

xxx Greta

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Instagram love

Indulging in some serious springy nail polish.

First try in action: totally made my day.

Liberty bracelet by Cruciani.

House of Harlow 1960 Sunburst Ring. My absolute favorite.

Vintage handbag @airaliworld

Bangs + waves + ombre hair + denim shirt (Mango) + pastel necklace (Zara)

Vintage find n.1 @Belgioioso

Vintage find n.2 @Belgioioso

So I bought an iPhone last week. Am I the only one who believes it actually changed my life? Literally.  The best and very first app I downloaded had to be Instagram – amazing how addictive a couple of old school looking frames and filters got me. It’s a very simple, yet adorable way to snap-shot whatever catches my eye and inspires me – fashion bloggers and photo lovers, you know what I am talking about ;-)

Above you see a few random shots of my first Instagrammed week.

If you’re also an Instagrammer, follow me @gretasdrawer.

Have a lovely start of the week!

Alla fine ho acquistato un iPhone settimana scorsa. Non sono l’unica a pensare che mi ha cambiato la vita, vero? Giuro. La prima e migliore app che ho scaricato non poteva non essere Instagram – incredibile quanto un paio di cornici e filtri old-school e mi diano dipendenza. È un modo molto semplice e adorabile di catturare tutto ciò che coglie la mia attenzione e che mi ispira – fashion blogger e amanti di fotografia, capitemi ;-)

Qui sopra vedete alcuni scatti della mia prima settimana Instagrammata.

Se anche voi siete degli Instagrammatori, seguitemi @gretasdrawer.

Vi auguro un buon inizio settimana!

xxx Greta

All that glitters

Nail polish. Probably one of the most self-explanatory products of the motto: “a girl can never have too many!” C’mon ladies, no need to be shy – how many do you have?

After browsing through my endless collection yesterday on that top-shelf in the bathroom (from Chanel to cheap-ass €1 nail polish), I got inspired on Pinterest and had a little experiment: nude + glitter.

Here’s what you need:

[KIKO nude 220 + KIKO fortifying fast dry base&top coat + ESSENCE colour & go gold glitter]

– Apply one or two coats of nude nail polish

– Keep it together with top coat

– Glitter-up the tip of your nails a la French mani

Give a sec to dry up and tadaaa:

Do try this at home :-)

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Lo smalto per le unghie. Probabilmente uno dei prodotti che meglio spiegano il motto femminile “non se ne posseggono mai abbastanza!” Dai ragazze, non siate timide – quanti ne avete voi?

Ieri, dopo aver scrutato la mia collezione infinita di smalti su quella mensola in bagno (che spazia da Chanel allo smalto a €1), ho trovato ispirazione su Pinterest e mi sono cimentata in un esperimento: color carne + brillantini.

Ecco il procedimento:

– Applicate una o due mani di smalto color carne (io ho scelto il mio affidabilissimo KIKO)

– Rinforzate con la base trasparente (sempre di KIKO nel mio caso)

– Applicate lo smalto sbrillucicoso (qui dorato, di ESSENCE) solo sulla punta delle unghie, come se fosse una french.

Lasciate asciugare e tadaaaaa! :-) Decisamente da provare.

A proposito, siete su Pinterest? Seguitemi @ gretasdrawer

xxx Greta